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[Awesome Island] A special visit from Mexico

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Julio and Anna from Niku Technologies visited us to discuss the possible collaboration with Awesome Island for their theme park and educational institution in Puebla, Mexico.  

Niku Park is a new theme park whose grand opening will be in the next year and they were on the lookout for immersive games for pre-school kids. Niku park is a big entertaining complex located in Sonata (Puebla, México)inside the most exclusive area in the City, being integrated with sports, immersive experiences, indoor activities and recreational areas. 

Also, they are in search of educational games to make the learning environment more immersive at Rotherham College, an innovative school that uses tools and programs such as VIDGITAL LEARNING, virtual reality, microlearning, hybrid learning, etc. to promote learning through new models.

For these reasons, Julio and Anna were very keen on Fantastic Wall and Colouring World for the upcoming theme park and Edu Play, Awesome Gym, and Awesome Run Friends for the new model to promote learning at Rotherham College.

Thorouly enjoyed our conversation and stoked for more to come.

PureumLNT is short for Pureum Life and Technlogy and we are specializing in developing indoor interactive games for kids by using projectors and a set of sensors. We were established in 2005, operating the business for about 17 years so far doing exhibition, media art, indoor interactive games for kids. In addition, we are one of the largest projector distributors to the biggest screen golf company in Korea, Golfzone.

In the beginning, we used to use indoor interactive games from China; however, we have started thinking that we could make it better and could do better. So in 2017, we established our own research and development team to create our own brand, which is Awesome Island. Based on the expertise and experiences that we have gained over the years, we have created 12 different immersive content that is highly sought after in the domestic and international market.

For any inquries, feel free to contact us

David Kim


+82 70 4771 9552 

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