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[Awesome Island] Animal Kingdom has arrived in Edmonton, Canada!

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Animal Kingdom has been installed in Hide N Seek Indoor Playground & Café where parents can take a rest while their children are exploring their energy. This playground started from an idea when three moms were looking for a place where kids can play safe and parents can comfort themselves. Ajin Lee, one of the moms as well as the direct of HAS Friends Ltd who runs Hide N Seek playground approached us for the potential synergy between what Awesome Island has to offer and her establishments with spacious play structure.

It didn’t take long to close a deal because both of us firmly believed in each other’s business success, seeking out opportunities to mutually grow business models together. After a brief discussion about how we were going to implement our immersive product, we moved right on to prepare the parts that are prerequisite for the installation. A whole complete set of hardware equipment and licensed software are required to implement our product. In this regard, Ajin Lee asked if she could handle hardware procurement on her end. So, a detailed list of equipment and their specs were provided to her. Technically speaking, it would be much better to purchase parts such as PC and projectors from the local market for the sake of maintenance and warranty service going forward. Not to mention, each country has a different certification system, name, and procedure, and it takes some time and cost to prepare for the certification whose burden can easily be disregarded when prepared on a local basis. We are flexible in this regard. We do not insist everything to be prepared by us. We do not take advantage of gaining margins from selling the hardware. Therefore, please let us know if your requirement so we can provide a product and service catering to your specific need.

Following images are the condition of the site and how Animal Kingdom is installed.

To give more immersive experience and set the vibe to the space, the projected wall is painted white, and the background wall and ceiling is painted black.

With Awesome Island immersive product, the place has turned into a fun and interesting playground from an old and dull gallery. The biggest advantage of the immersive product is that it changes the vibe of the whole space. Without spending too much on the interior, furniture and decorations, Awesome Island can change the entire vibe. Since Awesome Island comes with a variety range of themes and content, the place can change its vibe for little cost and effort with a click of a button.

Pureumlnt is established in 2005, specializing in developing indoor interactive games for kids by using projectors and a set of sensors. The animation projected onto the wall and the floor reacts to the touch input. When you touch the character projected onto the wall with your hands, it triggers visual effect and it captivates their attention and engage them in the immersive and interactive environment.

We value innovation and trustworthiness above all else, and seek to continually grow and dynamically challenge new markets. We are currently expanding our export efforts globally. We actively seek out opportunities to mutually grow business models together, and welcome collaborations. Feel free to contact us – we eagerly wait your inquiries.

David kim


+82 70 4771 9552

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